Health Benefit of Chippewa Tea

Health Benefit of Chippewa Tea
Chippewa tea is produced a powder out of eight different herbs.  The herbs are cultivated, are harvested, mixed and changes then to powder with a strict compliance of the original dispensing.  The herbs powders will use as an infusion in agreement with the directions, found will consume that in every tea bag prepared. 

Each herb in the formula has certain characteristics that can help the body in different manner:  Blessed Thistle: 

Benediktenkraut has antibiotische effect and cleans stimulates that the digestion.  Burr root: 

If consumed separated, the burr is often as a digestion system and Appetitanreger because of its stomach and gall acid secretions used.  The problems, that treat frequently with the burr plant:  Anorexia, kidney diseases, bubble inflammation, combustions, pitchers, pains, rheumatism, gout and many skin diseases.  In addition, it removed from is the surplus fluid the body and it a source of chrome, magnesium, silicon and Thiamin. 

Chipawa tea Tea Chippewa a health utility Laminaria (brown algae) : 

Laminaria contains many rare minerals and Jod, and it regulates the sign gland and the metabolism.  Red clover: 

The blood cleans the red clovers.  It is used also as cramp solving and reduces the symptoms of the Bronchitis and cough.  It will treat combined frequently with yellow burrs and well cress to rashes and other skin diseases. 

Red clover is a source of many nutrients such as calcium, chrome, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, Thiamin and vitamin C.  The red clovers also as a t is one of the richest sources for Isoflavone (water-soluble materials, that like the estrogen and are in many herbs to find). 

The Isoflavone out of red clover that isolates examines on its effectiveness in the treatment of some forms of cancer.  It is supposed that the Isoflavone prevent the Proliferation of the cancer cell and can in some cases, it even to the destruction of the cancer cell.  Laboratory tests assessed, that the red clover Isoflavone against the development of breast cancer cells to protect.  Elm with smooth cows: 

This type of the elm strengthens and calms the slimes.  In addition organs, tissue, lymph node and Nervenenden solves the surplus slimes out of the body.  It helps in the decontamination of the body, and it holds the bones and joints.  It was used, treat around stomach-intestine-diseases such as Gastritis, abscesses and Kolitis and other conditions, like , Vaginitis and skin diseases.  Turkish rhubarb root: 

The rhubarb root has a purgative action excellent in the treatment of clogging and adstringierend that the intestine cleaning releases.  It has antiseptic characteristics and stored the capacity, the poisons in the intestine cleanly.  Well cress: 

The well cress is gives a natural resource rich at Phenylethyl Isothiocyanat (PEITC), that the herb an unmistakable peppery taste. 

Scientific studies showed, can kill that PEITC cancer cell, prevents that the cancer become producing substances metabolisiert, and the enzymatic activity in the decontamination (removing) moves involves the carcinogenic.  Sauerampfer: 

It destroys the strange tissue (like tumor measures) and toxic deposits in the body, and it stimulates the body own immune systems.  The sheep Sauerampfer is rich at vitamins and mineral materials.  It reduces also inflammations. 

In addition combines creates the special characteristics every plant synergy effect, the reduction or prevention of tumors and treat many other conditions. 

In 1990 tests that the dispensation of well cress showed in smokers, that smoker, that 50 grams of well cress to every meal consumed protected were by a very strong carcinogenically (NKK) included in the context with tobacco and lung cancer.